Harry Styles Starring in BBC Special
Harry Styles just snagged himself a BBC television special, just like Adele and Michael Buble have done in the past. They’ll be following him on August 30th and he’ll be performing tracks before a live audience in Manchester. It will air later this year in November.

Chrissy Tiegen Opens Up About Alcohol Consumption
Chrissy Tiegen opened up to Cosmopolitan about her drinking habits, noting that she comes from a family with a history of abuse and she noticed that she was drinking too much. Chrissy said it would begin with a glass of wine while she was getting her makeup done, and then she would show up to the award show or event and continue drinking, and it made her do and say things in front of people that she just wasn’t happy with herself for, so she has decided to cut it out.

Angie Ditches Target After they Don’t Sell Hot Dogs
Stars; they’re just like us! Angelina Jolie reportedly took her daughters Vivienne and Shiloh to Target in LA to get a hot dog… but when they noticed that the snack bar wasn’t serving hot dogs, they bounced. This is the best story ever.

Taylor Swift Releasing Music on Friday?
Taylor Swift is reportedly releasing new music this Friday, according to Us Weekly. Taylor ended her social media blackout yesterday by simply posting a short video of some sort of reptile’s tail.

If Taylor does release a song this Friday, it will be one day after Katy Perry releases the video for her song Swish Swish, which is about their feud.

Katy Perry Chats Orlando Bloom, Taylor Swift
Katy Perry is opening up to Sirius XM about her possible reconciliation with Orlando Bloom, since they were spotted getting cozy at an Ed Sheeran concert last week. Katy said “it’s nice to keep people you love around you. When you get older, lines get blurred.” soooo we’ll see! PS, she also said that she would love to squash her beef with Taylor but she hasn’t heard anything from Taylor. OH OKAY.

Selena & the Weeknd Spotted at Disney
Selena Gomez and the Weeknd were spotted at Disney with some friends over the weekend. They hit up the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and also snagged themselves some corn dogs. Hell yeah.

Mariah Carey: I’m a Diva Because my Mom was One!
Mariah Carey opened up to Paper Magazine about being a diva… and fully admitted that she is, but said that it’s because her mom is a diva. Her mom was a Julliard-trained opera singer, apparently. Mariah doesn’t think being a diva is a bad thing.

More VMAs Performers Announced
The VMAs are this weekend and MTV just announced another wave of performers. Gucci Mane is going to join Fifth Harmony for their song Down, and Logic will be performing as well as Khalid, Post Malone and Julia Michaels. Previously-announced performers are Kendrick Lamar, Miley, Ed Sheeran, Lorde … the list goes on.

William Hung Performs for Dive Bar & I Love It
William Hung of American Idol “She Bangs” fame was treated like a rock star by a bar in Arizona that hired him to sing his hit song. Hysterical. They paid him $1k and also took care of his travel expenses. About 250 packed the bar and took pictures and got autographs with him later. I’m dead. I would’ve paid money to see that.

George & Amal Donate $1M for Equality
George and Amal Clooney are donating not only their voices but now their cash in the fight for equality. They’re donating $1M to the Southern Poverty Law Center as a response to what happened in Charlottesville.

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