Britney Spears Sings Live, People Lose their Minds
Everyone is losing their minds because Britney Spears actually sang a song live at her Vegas show this weekend. She sang Bonnie Raitt’s Something to Talk About. I mean, it was fine. We get it. She can sing. This shouldn’t be news.

BritneySpears performing live "Something To Talk About" POM show🙌🤓❤️

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Selena Gomez Highlighted for Time Magazine
Selena Gomez is joining the likes of Madeline Albright, Oprah, Ellen and Aretha Franklin in a series by TIME Magazine called Firsts, which celebrates groundbreaking women. It will include interviews with 45 women and will kick off September 7th.

Gabby Douglas Wants to be Wonder Woman!
Olympian Gabby Douglas recently announced that she wants to get into Hollywood – and it turns out that she has her eye set on becoming a superhero. She wants to work with Marvel and companies like that to do Wonder Woman-type movies. Awesome!

Jay Z Speaks About Kanye Controversy
In case you missed it, Jay Z revealed that he was genuinely hurt when Kanye started ranting about Jay and Beyonce on stage last November before his breakdown. Remember, Kanye called Beyonce a diva and was pissed that Beyonce and Jay Z hadn’t brought over Blue to play with North. Jay said that he and Kanye have gotten past bigger issues in the past – they’re like brothers – but what really pissed him off about Kanye’s comments was that he brought Beyonce and Blue into it. Jay said he believes Kanye knows Jay is upset, because they’ve never let this much distance grow between the two of them.

Floyd Mayweather is PISSED at Bieber??
Floyd Mayweather is reportedly furious with Justin Bieber after Bieber has distanced himself from the athlete. TMZ reports that Justin has redefined boundaries with his former friend (and even unfollowed him on social) and Mayweather is not taking too kindly.

Taylor Swift Clears Away Social Accounts
Everyone has their eye on Taylor Swift, as she has wiped her social media accounts clean. While she’s kept her followers, she’s deleted all of her posts and her avatars are gone as well. Many people are speculating she’s got new music on the way – she usually drops the first singles off of her new albums in August.

Selena’s New Album is Almost Done??
Selena Gomez told our friends Tonya & Sonic in San Diego that her album is on some level done. And she said that there’s a lot more music coming. So get ready.

Seth MacFarlane Announces New Album
Seth MacFarlane announced that he’s coming out with a new album in September, called In Full Swing. It’s all old music, so TJ will love it.

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