By: Extra Eric

You might not be familiar with her name, but you should be.

Bonnie McKee is a Pop music force and has songwriting credits on some of the biggest Pop songs of this decade, such as “Teenage Dream,” “Dynamite,” and “Hold It Against Me.” Check out her sing some of the tracks here:

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According to Idolator, when she was promoting her prior EP Bombastic she told the outlet that, “I really am looking forward to doing a full length [album], but I’m just putting this EP to see what happens, see what opportunities come my way…I have a whole album’s worth of material that I wrote when I was on Epic ready to go.”

The visuals for the song so far are perfect — they feature her burning roses. Some of the captions on the photo could be song lyrics, like “That’s what happens when you pick a rose.”

Hopefully this song kicks off a new era!


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