By Rami Abou-Sabe

Vince Staples, the up-and-coming California MC, swooned over the Boston food scene in a recent interview with First We Feast.

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What city has the best food in the country? “Boston, easy!” said Staples excitedly before repeating himself for emphasis. “It’s not even close – Boston.”

“You can get chowder, there’s seafood, good burgers, they have the most elite selection of fast food chains… And they got the squid ink pasta!”

Staples, who opened for the Gorillaz last month at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, went on to detail a stereotypical late-night Boston skirmish outside a local restaurant.

Standing beside a police officer, Staples and his entourage looked on awestruck as a group of men harassed and threw slurs at a gay man and his brother while the officer did nothing.

“This shit is crazy, right?” the officer asked Staples, who seemed amused that the policeman took such a relaxed stance on the escalating situation.

Noting that there was both an ice cream shop and doughnut spot within eyesight of the restaurant, the rapper theorized that a caloric binge might have caused the scuffle. “Everybody eatin’ bro! Why do you think the crime rate is so high out there?”

The Compton-born Staples was involved in gangs from a young age but now works as an active advocate against the dangers of gang violence. Staples finishes up a European swing through the end of this month, before returning to North America in October.

“I love Boston, man,” the hip hop star said, closing out his Beantown soliloquy with an homage to two Celtics players. “Shout out to Isaiah Thomas. Shoutout to Jaylen Brown.”

Watch Staples’ interview below.


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