James Corden Deferring to Chester Bennington’s Widow
Before his passing Chester Bennington of Lincoln Park had filmed an episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke which people have been wondering whether or not it will air. James announced yesterday that he and his staff are completely deferring to Chester’s widow, and the show itself will not be making the decision. Chester’s wife thanked Corden in a Tweet and the status of the episode is still unknown.

Calvin Harris Ranks #1 Highest-Paid DJ
Calvin Harris was just ranked Forbes’ highest-paid DJ for the 5th year in a row. He reportedly made just under $49M between last June and this June. Tiesto came in second and the Chainsmokers came in third. $38M. Not bad.

Sam Smith Reveals Album Details, Sorta?
Sam Smith revealed that he’s been writing for his next album for two years now — and he has written more than 130 songs. Apparently he went to Nashville to write, too, which he said was really inspiring.

Coldplay Teaming up with Samsung for VR Experience 
Coldplay is teaming up with Samsung and Live Nation to broadcast their Head Full of Dreams concert from Chicago in virtual reality. Pretty cool. It’s August 17th, and starts at 9:30 at night… if you have Samsung Gear VR you can watch the show and it’ll be available afterwards for a replay for a little bit too.

Jessica Biel wasn’t Team BSB or NSYNC
Jessica Biel was asked if she was Team Backstreet Boys or Team NSYNC when she was a teenager — and it turns out she didn’t listen to either when she was growing up. Jessica said she was a theater nerd and listened to the Rent soundtrack and 50s and 60s music. But she said duh, NSYNC all the way if she was cool.

Katie Holmes Starring in the Secret
Katie Holmes is set to star in the big-screen adaptation of the Secret, the self-help book that became huge when it was published in 2006. It will be directed by Andy Tennant, who has made hit romantic comedies like Sweet Home Alabama and Hitch.

Robert Pattinson’s Paparazzi Evading Techniques are Amazing
This is pretty fascinating. Robert Pattinson described to GQ the things he would have to do to avoid the paparazzi, and it sounds like things spies would do. He would hide in the trunk. If he was at dinner with his friends, he would have every single friend order an Uber, and he would trade clothes with his friends in the bathroom so that when he walked out, photographers couldn’t figure out which person he was and which car he got into and would send all of the Ubers in different directions. He also once kept 5 rental cars in parking lots around town and if he was being followed, he would change clothes and drive away in one of the cars. Robert said he asked a paparazzi nicely not to follow him to his house (after driving around for hours to try and lose the guy) and the paparazzo told him straight up, “my boss said I can’t come back until I find your house.”

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