Chris Pratt & Anna Faris are Divorcing
HELP MEEEE LOVE IS DEADDDDDD. Chris Pratt from Jurassic Park and Anna Faris of the CBS show Mom have announced their separation after 8 years of marriage. The two share a 4-year-old son and issued a statement saying they wish to keep the situation as private as possible because of their son. Interestingly, when Chris issued his statement on Facebook, his included the line “and continue to have the deepest respect for one another” but when Anna posted her statement to Twitter, that sentence was gone. In a totally unrelated story‚Ķ here’s a blind item from 2015.

Chester Bennington Funeral Memorabilia on eBay
Someone tried to sell the lanyard and VIP wrist bands from Chester Bennington’s funeral and it’s totally gross. His family noticed it up on eBay and immediately asked that it be taken down. eBay complied – and it looks like the person who was selling might’ve worked on the production side of Lincoln Park’s tour because they’ve sold other LP merchandise on eBay in the past. Before eBay could rip it down, bidding for the items hit over $50,000.

Beyonce Shuts Down Roller Rink
Beyonce went roller skating this weekend and actually got up and skated with the common folk in the roller rink. Apparently the “normies” were hounding her crew so she and her friends eventually had to shut the rink down for a private skate session.

Adele Offers Movie Screening for Grenfell Victims
Adele is continuing her support of the victims of the horrific London fire that took place in June. She set up a private screening of Despicable Me 3 for kids and their parents. While the attendees knew the screening was set up by Adele, everyone was shocked when she herself showed up to hang out with the kids and watch the movie.

Royalty Brown Coming Out with Own Clothing Line
Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty isn’t even three years old yet, but she is coming out with her own clothing line. Yep. Her mom has created unisex clothing for outgoing, energetic kids and Royalty is going to be the face. Not bad.

Despacito Takes YouTube Top Spot
Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s Despacito is the most-watched video on YouTube! Nicely done. It has beat out Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s See You Again, which had just kicked out Psy’s Gangnam Style from the top spot.

Tom Brady’s Mom got a Super Bowl Ring
Tom Brady’s mom got a Super Bowl ring, which is so cute. Robert Kraft surprised her with it because he knew how important she is to Tom and she fought so hard to finish her cancer treatments this year.

Kid Wows Crowd at Idina Menzel Concert
Idina Menzel brought some kids up on stage during her concert and this 11 year old boy was hysterical. He told her how much he loved Let it Go… so she asked him to sing it, and he completely wowed the crowd.

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