Chester Bennington Laid to Rest
Chester Bennington from Lincoln Park was laid to rest over the weekend in a private ceremony with friends and family. It was pretty rock n roll – there was a stage set up for bands to perform tributes, and everyone in attendance had to wear access passes and wrist bands.

George Clooney is PISSED at the Paparazzi
I told you Friday that paparazzi snuck in pictures of George & Amal’s twins… welp George isn’t happy. Apparently the photogs scaled a fence and climbed a tree to snap the pictures and George said they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

TRL is Coming Back
MTV announced that it’s reviving Total Request Live, which went off the air in 2008. They also will be changing their Moon Man trophy for the VMAs to a Moon Person in an effort to be more inclusive.

Mariah Carey Body Guard Rips Fan Off of Her
Mariah Carey was back stage at her show over the weekend when a guy, who claims he is a credentialed journalist, went in for a selfie with her. He claims she OK’d it. Regardless, her body guard wasn’t having it, and he yanked the guy off of Mariah. The guy filed a police report and claims he was assaulted. Mariah’s team said that he’s a stalker who made his way back stage and they weren’t having it.

Gaga Responds to Dr. Luke
Lady Gaga is getting pulled into the Kesha/Dr. Luke litigation. He’s been trying to get Gaga to sit down for a three-hour deposition and also provide a text message exchange between her and Kesha where Dr. Luke claims Kesha tried to get Gaga on her side. Dr. Luke claims that Kesha was trying to get Gaga to run a smear campaign against him. Gaga eventually turned over the text exchange but it was heavily redacted so now he wants the full thing. Gaga said she’s already done her part – and he’s trying to attract press by bringing her into this.

Jay Z & Beyonce Head to Soul Cycle
Beyonce and Jay Z apparently work out together. They were spotted kissing and fist-bumping one another before heading into a Soul Cycle class over the weekend.

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