Loren’s LoDown 7/28/17: Drake Stalker Arrested Again

Jennifer Aniston Returning to TV
Jennifer Aniston is reportedly returning to television full-time. She will be starring with Reese Witherspoon – who coincidentally played her little sister on Friends – in a show about morning shows and the media scene. This marks Jen’s first full-time TV return since Friends ended in 2004. She and Reese will be executive-producing as well.

JLo Making More Shoes
Jennifer Lopez has once again designed shoes with Guiseppe Zanotti. So if you have an extra $1400 – $2800 bucks lying around, you’re in luck. They’ll hit stores this fall.

Bieber’s Pastor is Kinda Like his Dad
Justin Bieber has reportedly become really close with this guy named Carl Lentz, who is a pastor at the church that Justin belongs to. Apparently he sees Carl as a second father figure to him, and Carl actually flew out multiple times during Justin’s tour to see him while he was lonely.

Drake Stalker Arrested Again
Remember the girl who got arrested for trespassing onto Drake’s property and was caught drinking Sprite from his fridge? Welp, she’s back. This time, she told guards that she was on the list. Somehow, they didn’t buy it. When the cops came, she spat on them and they pepper prayed her.

Hurt Paparazzo Defends Justin
The paparazzo who Justin Bieber accidentally ran over posted a video and it’s clear he’s not really that mad at him. He does think that the truck Bieber is driving is too big for him, but he understands. In fact, he said “he got out, he’s a good kid, accidents happen.”

Amy Schumer on Forbes’ Highest-Paid List
Amy Schumer is the only female comedian on Forbes’ highest-paid comedians list, and it’s her second time appearing. In fact, last year she became the first female comedian to ever make the list. Amy came in fifth this year and made approximately $37.5M. Jerry Seinfeld still sits at number one, followed by Chris Rock, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle and then Amy.

Katy Perry Hosting VMAs
Katy Perry is set to be your host for the MTV VMAs this year. They’re taking place August 27th and while she’ll be handing out Moon Men, she’s excited to be a Moon Woman. They’ll be taking place in LA instead of New York this year. She will be performing as well.

Affleck/Damon Boston Show Coming to Showtime
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are teaming up to bring a one-hour drama pilot to Showtime, taking place in Boston in the 1990s. It will be a fictional account of what’s been referred to as the Boston Miracle, when violence suddenly declined. No casting has been announced.

Cartoon Trump Coming to Showtime
Stephen Colbert is executive-producing a cartoon series for Showtime about a cartoon Donald Trump. The satirical show will air this fall and will be 10 episodes.

George and Amal Clooney Twin Pics Revealed
The first pictures of George and Amal’s twins have been revealed! But it’s scummy because the paparazzi took them from miles away while George and Amal were holding them at their house in Italy. So, ew. PS they’re so blurry, what’s the point?

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