Wonder Woman 2 Release Date
Wonder Woman 2 officially has a release date. It will hit theaters December 13th, 2019. No director has been set yet, but Patty Jenkins, who did the first, is still in negotiations for the job. Wonder Woman is still in theaters and has brought in just under $400M from North American audiences.

Jessica Biel Says Son has “Daddy Swagger”
HAHA! She said that Justin dresses their son Silas and he’s got a really nice sense of fashion, and has his very own “daddy swagger.” Too cute.

Netflix Announces Matt Groening Comedy
Netflix has just announced a new comedy from one of the masterminds behind the Simpsons, Matt Groening. It’s called Disenchantment and it will take place in a medieval kingdom of Dreamland. Groening says it will focus on how to keep laughing in a world full of idiots. It’s set to premiere next year.

Usher on Carpool Karaoke
Usher was on Carpool Karaoke last night. It was really good!

Justin Leaving Tour Because of Church?
TMZ is claiming that Justin Bieber quit the rest of his tour because he has rededicated himself to Christ. Not really sure how that relates to canceling a tour, but. OK. (Like, maybe going to church just allowed him to say “OK, I’m done with touring thank you!” Maybe he found comfort? Who cares why he canceled the tour.) Whatever it is, he seems happy and calm!! Meanwhile, his crew that was on tour with him aren’t super happy because they got zero warning and are now out of a job.

Jay Z’s 4:44 Coming to… Cassette?
Jay Z’s 4:44 album is coming to cassette – and if you pre-order it by August 4th, for just $9, you also get a shot at seeing him side-stage at V Festival, which is taking place in England. Um but you have to pay for your own airfare and hotel. WTF? He & Bey are worth ONE BILLION DOLLARS. You mean to tell me that, even if it was another company that is sponsoring the promotion, he can’t just throw in a few grand to make the prize sound cooler??? Come on!

John Mayer Tests People for Concert Tickets
John Mayer has teamed up with Bud Light to do a dive bar tour stop… and to promote it, they did a silly experiment. He was testing to see if people who were saving seats for their friends at the bar would give up the seat for John because he’s famous. If they said no, he gave them tickets.

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