Loren’s LoDown Monday 7/24/17: The Rock Stars in New Apple Ad

Jason Derulo Chats Marriage
Our VIP Pool Party with Jason Derulo was yesterday – it was so much fun. We caught up with him and were chatting about how I’m getting married soon… and it turns out Jason’s got some pretty interesting views on marriage. He basically said that he’s not sure it’s for him, because he’s seen so many girls take off their wedding rings in certain situations. AKA, I imagine he’s saying that a lot of girls want to get with him, so he sees them slip off their rings (which is totally awful and gross btw).

Michael Phelps “Races” a Great White (Kinda)
Michael Phelps’ race against the great white shark was last night. And it left some viewers very disappointed. Discovery timed three different sharks: a great white, a hammerhead and a reef. Then Phelps raced computer-animated sharks… but he WAS in the ocean. Phelps beat the reef shark, and failed to match the hammerhead – but only lost to the great white by two seconds.

Another Woman is Suing Usher Over Herpes
Earlier this week it was reported that Usher allegedly paid a woman over $1M because he infected her with herpes back in the day. Welp. Now another woman is suing for $10M because she claims that she had unprotected sex with him in April, and he didn’t tell her that he had herpes. She saw the news earlier this week and was like, gotta sue him now.

Selena Gomez Throws Low-Key Bash
Selena Gomez turned 25 over the weekend and celebrated at home with friends by throwing a low-key party. She posted to instagram the two green cakes that she got, as well as her adorable birthday outfit which kind of looked like pajamas and I love her for it. She took to Twitter to ask people to donate to Lupus research in honor of her birthday.

Ben Affleck Swears he’s Not Leaving Batman
Rumors were circulating earlier this weekend that Ben Affleck might be stepping down from playing Batman, but Ben got up there at Comic Con and made it clear that he’s staying on board. Who knows.

Harrison Ford Jokes he’s Rebooting Every Iconic Role
Harrison Ford made an appearance at Comic Con this weekend, appearing on a panel for Blade Runner 2049. Someone in the audience asked him if it was his goal to reboot all of his iconic roles, and Harrison responded “you bet your ass it is.” HAHA

TB12 Back at Training Camp
Tom Brady just posted a picture of himself – sitting inside of his Bentley, BTW; it’s good to be Tom – he’s back at training camp!

The Rock Promotes Siri
The Rock just teamed up with Apple to promote Siri in their latest ad campaign which is basically a short film about how busy the Rock is. It’s really funny – he ends up accomplishing all of his life goals…and at the end, his assistant is freaking out that the Rock is doing too many things… so the Rock relies on Siri to get his next phase of life goals going.

Jimmy Kimmel Says Son is Doing Great
Jimmy Kimmel shared a picture of his 3-month-old baby boy Billy, who had heart surgery just days after being born. Jimmy said that his son is doing great. OH MY GOD HE IS SUCH A CUTE KID.

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