Kevin Hart Accused of Cheating on Pregnant Wife
Kevin Hart has been accused of cheating on his wife‚Ķ who is pregnant. He was spotted in a car outside of a hotel at 5a with some girl (via Radar Online). Earlier, they had been at a club together celebrating his birthday. He posted to Instagram to laugh off the allegations. For what it’s worth, his ex wife claims that his current wife is the mistress who broke up his initial marriage – but Kevin says nope.

Rey Monopoly Officially Coming
Star Wars fans, get excited – starting July 25th, you can buy a Star Wars Monopoly set that includes the character Rey. The plea to include Rey came 18 months ago from an 8-year-old girl. Hasbro promised in January of 2016 to sell the set that includes Rey, but wasn’t selling it as of last week – when they told the Associated Press that there was insufficient interest.

Madonna Ex: Buy Your Underwear Back
Ewwwww talk about classless! Madonna’s ex is the dude who offered up her used underwear to an auction house (the auction has been blocked by Madonna’s legal camp for now). TMZ caught up with the dude and he’s totally not willing to back down.

Ryan Seacrest Definitely Coming Back for Idol
Ryan Seacrest just confirmed on Live! that he is indeed returning to host the American Idol reboot.

Ed Explains Lack of Twitter
Love Ed Sheeran. He took to Instagram to make it clear that him leaving Twitter had nothing to do with his Game of Thrones appearance. In fact, he said “why the hell would I worry what people thought about that. It’s clearly F’in awesome.” HA!

Sandra Bullock is Ready to Star in a Netflix Movie
Sandra Bullock is set to star in a Netflix movie called Bird Box, about a woman and two children who are blindfolded and have to make their way through a post-apocalyptic setting along a river. It’s expected to begin production this fall.

Kanye Gifts Paralyzed Fan Yeezys & Encouragement
This is pretty cool – Kanye West heard about a fan of his who became paralyzed from a car accident 5 years ago… and he’s trying to walk again. Kanye wanted to cheer him on, so he sent him a pair of Yeezys with a note that said “You show the world that anything is possible.”

Katy Perry: I’ve Always Loved Taylor
This is weird. Katy Perry was on Australia’s Today Show and claimed that she loves Taylor Swift and always has. Yup, OK. She went on to say they’ve had their differences but she wishes her luck on her journey.

Harry Styles is Awesome to Work With, Says Castmates
Sweet little stories about Harry Styles on set of his Dunkirk movie are being revealed from his fellow castmates, and it turns out he’s a good dude to work with. During his audition process, one of the guys auditioning with him mentioned that he needed a highlighter, so Harry literally disappeared, ran upstairs, grabbed a highlighter and brought it back down for the guy. We also learned that Harry is really good at falling asleep on command.

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