Loren’s LoDown 7/19/17: Despacito is Most-Streamed of All Time

Seacrest gets Serenaded on the Subway – What?!
Ryan Seacrest was on the Subway in NY for some reason – riddle me that, please. I don’t buy it for a second. Anyway, some guy was panhandling by singing Stand By Me and Ryan started filming… and he liked it so much that he got his wallet out at the end to tip him.

Madonna Fights Auction House
This is creepy — an auction house is auctioning off some of Madonna’s things, like a letter from Tupac to her that he wrote when he was in prison, as well as a used pair of her underwear and other personal items. She filed a complaint yesterday to stop the auction because she says they aren’t theirs to auction off. In fact, Madonna said she had no idea some of those items were missing, and she accused a former friend of hers of stealing from her. A court said the auction must be stopped – but the auction house is sticking by its person and plan to go up against Madonna in court. A hearing is set for September.

Drake Still Rolling in that Royalties Dough
Drake, as we know, used to be on that TV show Degrassi. Well, turns out that he’s still receiving royalties from the show, and he actually bragged about it by posting a picture of his check on Instagram. How much was it for? A whopping 8 point 25. As in, eight dollars and twenty-five cents. LOL

Despacito Breaks Record
Despacito just became the most-streamed track of all time, with more than 4.6 B with a B plays across streaming platforms.

JLaw Reportedly Barfs in Public, and I ADORE HER
Jennifer Lawrence was seeing the play 1984 the other day when onlookers said she bolted from her seat, ran into the lobby and barfed everywhere. Apparently she caught the stomach bug from her nephews. (OK, this is never good news for anyone. I get that. And I assure you – I am not laughing AT HER. Here’s the thing: barfing, much like farts, is just FUNNY. And the fact that one of the chillest girls in Hollywood dealt with it makes her even more down-to-earth than she already is. PS: I’ve barfed in public. Specifically, outside of a bar on a Sunday morning in front of a family – children included – that was walking to brunch. I barfed three times in a row. One time landed on my toes because I was wearing flip flops. …Barfing. Is always. Funny.)

Sisqo Re-Released the Thong Song
Sisqo has re-released the Thong Song with a Norwegian DJ trio and I absolutely could not be happier.

Ed Sheeran: Bye, Twitter.
So, Ed Sheeran made headlines yesterday because he had deleted his Twitter account – likely to Game of Thrones fans not liking his cameo – and he later reactivated it. He has significantly less followers than before he deleted it, and in his bio it says he is no longer using Twitter; only Instagram.

John Mayer Took Some Cues from Drake
John Mayer recently revealed that he’s been influenced by Drake. He said he wanted to have a big show after seeing Drake’s concert: “I want to be in the world where people are creating bigger and better shows. I think there’s a healthy competition involved in it.” Referring specifically to how impressed he was by Drake, John said “you see something that wows you and and an artist you go, ‘I want a little of that.'” He also opened up to GQ Style about how he’s pretty content with life right now, noting that while he could become 15 or 20 percent more famous, it would take up 85% of his happiness – it would be a headache. He said it’s simply not worth it. BTW – John just partnered with Bud Light, just like Lady Gaga did, and will be doing a Dive Bar Tour stop in LA.

Emma Watson Pleads for Lost Rings
Ugh, this is an awful feeling. Emma Watson was at a spa and when she left, she accidentally left her rings in her locker. When she called the spa to get them back, they were gone. She is pleading on social media to get them back — one of the rings was from her mom, who bought the ring the day after Emma was born. Her mom wore it for 18 years before giving it to Emma on her 18th birthday. She even set up an email address, FindTheRing at outlook.com

Kesha Opens Up About Album Title
Kesha told our friend Elvis Duran that the reason she named her new album Rainbow is because it reminds her of childhood, of a time where things were easier and before things got very twisty and turny and full of heartbreak. Her album is out August 11th.

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