Tom Brady Corn Maze Coming
A Tom Brady corn maze is coming this fall. Sauchuk Farms in Plympton will be honoring TB12, and it’s all thanks to the historic super bowl victory this year. It will open September 19th and will run through October 29th.

Simon Cowell Pays for Girl’s Surgery
Pretty amazing of Simon Cowell – he paid for a teenage girl’s spinal surgery. She was a dance contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, and she said that she wanted to win so that she could pay for this special surgery that could help her scoliosis without affecting her mobility… and Simon hinted that he would pay for it whether she won or not… and sure enough, he stayed true to his word. She flew to the States earlier this week to get her procedure done in NJ.

Ed Sheeran Guesting on the Simpsons
First, Game of Thrones. Next, The Simpsons. Ed Sheeran will be appearing in season 29 as as a budding musician – complete with red hair and a fedora – who woos Lisa Simpson. This upcoming season premieres October 1st.

Taylor Swift is NOT Carried in a Suitcase… LOL
There’s a story going around that Taylor Swift has been carried out of her NY apartment in a huge suitcase, carried by her bodyguards. It looks like one of those massive black cases that you would see at a rock concert, if that makes sense. They reportedly carry her down the stairs and plop her in the car in the suitcase. The media outlet that reported it had to retract the statement. Ha.

Justin Bieber Announces Opening Acts
Justin Bieber announced his new opening acts for his tour, and it’s pretty serious. Migos, Khelani, Martin Garrix and Vic Mensa will be joining him on tour. If you’re seeing him here at Foxboro in August, you’ll see Migos and Vic Mensa.

Justin Timberlake & Steph Curry Lion King a Baby
Justin Timberlake and Steph Curry proved to be the coolest dads in the world as they were playing a charity golf tournament. A spectator brought his baby with him and as Justin walked by, he asked Justin to hold his baby. The crowd starts joining in… and Justin comes over and not only does he take the kid from the guy, but Steph Curry starts singing the Lion King song and they had a Baby Simba moment. (Seriously, how cute is this kid.)

Bieber Surprises Patients at Children’s Hospital
Justin Bieber surprised patients at the Children’s Hospital in Orange, California… and he was amazing. Apparently one mom was in the room with her daughter – and they didn’t know Bieber was in the building. The nurse came in, and said “do you want any visitors?” They said no… and then the nurse was like “do you like Justin Bieber?” And the nurse leaves. So a minute later, who walks in but Bieber… and he sat there and chatted with them, prayed with them and took pictures. He visited a bunch of kids.

Game of Thrones Breaks Ratings
Game of Thrones broke ratings records when it premiered Sunday night. It brought in a 50% increase in audience size from the previous season premiere. It also became the most-watched season premiere for any HBO series to date.

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