Chris Martin Invites Wheelchair-Bound Crowdsurfer on Stage
Coldplay was doing a show in Dublin over the weekend when Chris Martin spotted a dude crowd surfing in his wheelchair. SO cool. So Chris invited the guy on stage – he’s a 29 year old dude and Chris sang a song about him and Dublin to the crowd. The guy whipped out his harmonica and played along. Pretty cool.

Demi Lovato Thanks Fans
Demi Lovato wrote a love letter to her fans yesterday and posted it on Twitter, thanking them for kindness they’ve offered her, and for understanding that she needed to step away a take a break at the end of last year. She also revealed she just completed a trip to Germany, where she was reminded how crucial it is to our existence to have an emotional, human connection with others.

PS, she just released her song Sorry Not Sorry. Demi Lovato just released her song Sorry Not Sorry. It’s about da haterzzzz (lol), basically saying “sorry you’re not happy where you are but I’m happy so leave me alone!”

JK Rowling Wrote a Book on a Dress
Everyone is hoping for another work from JK Rowling and she revealed that she has something up her sleeve… or at least, in her closet. She actually wrote a political children’s book on a party dress. Yup. She hosted a party where she asked people to come dressed as their worst nightmares – and she was dressed as a lost manuscript. And it’s hanging in her closet.

Liam Payne Can’t Get a Big Enough Garage, Waahh
Sad news for Liam Payne… he sent a proposal in to the zoning board to ask if he could make a pretty nice garage to keep all of his fancy cars… but oops, they said nope, no-go. Rough life.

Jay Z: Marriage to Beyonce was Broken Down
Jay Z revealed that his marriage to Beyonce wasn’t completely based upon truth, and that’s why the foundation started cracking. Jay noted that the two tore their marriage down and started form the beginning – which was the hardest thing he’s ever done.

John Oliver Joins Lion King Cast
John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight has reportedly earned himself a part on the upcoming live action Lion King movie. He’ll be playing Zazu, the royal advisor first to Mufasa and then Simba. It was originally voiced by Rowan Atkinson, AKA Mr. Bean, in the original animated movie.

Niall Horan Tour Dates
Niall Horan announced his tour dates — he’ll be swinging through the Orpheum Theater on November 3rd. It’s called the 2017 Flicker Sessions Tour.

Jay Z Tour Dates
Jay Z announced his 4:44 tour yesterday in case you were living under a rock. He’ll be swinging by TD Garden November 25th.

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