James Corden Announces Baby #3
James Corden and his wife are expecting another baby! They already have a boy and a girl – who are 6 and 2 – and this third baby is due in December.

Kesha Still Believes in Hugs, #ThankYouSeinfeld
In case you missed it – Kesha has come out and said, NO WORRIES – she is STILL a hugger after Jerry Seinfeld totally shot her down on the red carpet a few weeks ago. Kesha thought the whole thing was funny because she was in her own mini Seinfeld episode… and said that she’s not going to stop hugging people. Not long after the Seinfeld incident, she met her idol Bob Dylan who gave her a huge hug – so she’s cool.

Ashton Kutcher Responds to Tabloid Story
Some trashy tabloid published a story about Ashton Kutcher possibly cheating on Mila Kunis after he was seen spending the day with some mystery brunette. He responded perfectly, tweeting “You should have heard how upset Mila was that I spent the day with our cousin.” HAHA love him.

Eminem Album Coming Out Soon
Looks like we might be getting a new Eminem album pretty soon. A director who is following the daily life of Dr. Dre let the cat out of the bag that he’s been working with Eminem on some music for Eminem’s upcoming album.

Ben Affleck’s New Lady is an SNL Producer
We were on vacation last week – but I gotta just get you up to speed. Ben Affleck was spotted with a new lady love. Her name is Lindsay Shookus, she’s a producer for SNL (she actually found Kristin Wiig) and she’s 37. Ben is 44. She’s divorced and also has a kid… and some reports say that they got together in 2013 and that’s what ended both marriages, but others say they’ve just been friends and them dating is a new thing. Who knows.

Daniel Craig & Adele Coming Back for Bond?
It’s being reported that Daniel Craig is coming back for the next James Bond movieā€¦ and Adele will be returning as well. She won a Grammy for Skyfall back in 2013. This next movie is expected to begin shooting next year.

Leo DiCaprio Boasts about Dad Bod
Everyone likes to give Leonardo DiCaprio a hard time about being the poster child of the Dad Bod… and Page Six reported that he was overheard bragging to a bunch of models that he doesn’t work out anymore. And the models apparently weren’t impressed.

Blac Chyna Speaks on GMA
Last week while we were gone, Rob Kardashian put his ex Blac Chyna on blast and posted nudes of her and it got REALLY nasty – he accused her of cheating, he made fun of her body, he revealed that he dropped $100K for her plastic surgery, all that good stuff. She was on Good Morning America today with her lawyer to talk about the whole thing. She also slammed Rob with a restraining order, claiming that he assaulted her, and his lawyer – one of the guys who repped OJ – will be representing him in court today. The have a daughter, so this is uuggggly.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested Again
Shia LaBeouf got arrested AGAIN over the weekend for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. I guess Shia tried to bum a cigarette from a cop and then he started getting vulgar in front of women and children, and when he refused to leave the area he got aggressive. So then he bolted into a nearby hotel but he was arrested later in the hotel lobby. He was arrested on similar charges in 2014 and was taken into police custody in January for allegedly attacking a man.

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