Kelly Clarkson Announces 2nd Children’s Book
Kelly Clarkson announced she is working on her second children’s book – also about her daughter River Rose. This one will be called River Rose and the Magical Christmas. River wants to stay up late to hand-deliver a letter to Santa, but she falls asleep and gets whisked away to the North Pole. Kelly is including a new Christmas song with the book as well. Her first book was a NYT best seller.

Bill Belichick is a Good Singer?
Pretty cute – Bill Belichick’s girlfriend Linda revealed that Bill is a really good singer. She said you won’t really see him do it… except TMZ dug up a time that he sang with Bon Jovi.

Bad Moms 2 Trailer
The trailer for Bad Moms 2 was released yesterday and this time it’s taking place during Christmas season. The Bad Moms’ moms come to visit and this scene is where Mila Kunis’ mom comes to talk to her about how Mila’s character doesn’t have a Christmas tree. (Guyyyyys it’s SUPER NSFW so I can’t post it but just google it; you’ll find it)

Adele Might be Done with Touring
Adele might be done with touring. She reportedly left a copy of a handwritten note to fans, buried in tour programs at her final concerts in London. She called herself a homebody who isn’t sure she’ll ever tour again. She signed the note, “I love you. Goodnight for now.”

Kanye West Touring Again in 2018
Looks like Kanye West is feeling much better after his mental-health hiatus, and he’s reportedly ready to go back on tour in 2018. Live Nation produced the St. Pablo Tour and they’re ready to produce whatever else he has up his sleeve. Kanye is supposedly physically and mentally back and better than ever.

Lady Gaga is a Substitute Teacher
Lady Gaga recently revealed that she has been inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono when it comes to charitable and social actions. Her Born This Way Foundation recently teamed up with Staples to promote positivity in schools. She recently surprised a middle school as their substitute teacher – she met with students to learn about their needs.

Spider-Man Scares Starbucks-Goers
Lots of promotion is happening for the new Spider-Man movieā€¦ and Marvel decided to hire a stunt man dressed as Spider-Man to drop from the ceiling at a Starbucks to pick up his coffee and surprise other coffee lovers. The movie comes out July 7th.

Beyonce & Jay Z Buy Insane Bel Air Mansion?
Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly bought an insane mansion in Bel Air… reports are swirling that it’s between $90M and $120M. YEP. It apparently wasn’t officially on the market, and they swooped in to buy it. It supposedly has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 4 pools, a basketball court, a recording studio, a spa and a tennis court. Not bad.

Lady Gaga Announces Another Dive Bar Tour
Lady Gaga just announced she’s doing ANOTHER Bud Light Dive Bar tour. Pretty cool. Unfortunately as of right now nothing is coming through Boston – if you want to see Gaga in an intimate venue you gotta go to Vegas, New Orleans and LA. They’re also going to headline other artists which is cool. She also said she’s working on new music but isn’t sure how she’s going to release it or when. And as for more movies? She’s already doing A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper. She said she’d be honored to do more movies.

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