REPORT: Justin Bieber & Anitta Could Be Dropping A New Song Together

By: Extra Eric

Wow this better be true.

According to Breathe Heavy, which sites a Brazilian article from Hugo Gloss,, Justin Bieber and Anitta could be collaborating on a new track together! Anitta is a pop star from Brazil who was recently featured on Iggy Azalea’s “Switch.”

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No word if the track will be in Portuguese, bilingual, or simply English, but The Biebs has dabbled in foreign languages lately with his feature on Luis Fonsi’s “Despacitio” alongside Daddy Yankee. Let’s hope he can actually learn the words to this track if it is in another language.

Anitta is the next star you need to watch out for — she’s on fire. She was also recently featured with Pabllo Vittar on Major Lazer’s “Sua Cara.” Check that out below as well as her other massive hit “Paradinha.”


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