103.3 AMP Radio’s Vanessa Hale sat down with Khalid at our On Location with Khalid private show!

They talked everything from his upbringing, to his music, to crazy questions from fans in the audience. An interesting fact is that his mom had a career in the military and she sang in the U.S. Army Band, which is very prestigious.

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“My mom raised me with music and taught me to keep music within my life forever. She’s honestly one of my biggest influences when it coems to making music, when it comes to creating” the American Teen singer revealed.

Even though he’s only 19, when it comes to a dream collaboration he had one artist on the brain. “Definitely Lorde” he told Vanessa. It has a good chance of happening because he’ll actually be opening up for her on her European tour!

Check out the rest of the interview above.


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