Wonder Woman Sets Another Record!
Wonder Woman set another record this weekend: it has become the highest-grossing female-directed live-action film. It already snagged the record for best *debut* for a film directed by a woman. If Wonder Woman maintains its momentum, it could beat Kung Fu Panda 2 as the top-grossing film by a female director, period.

Chris Brown Avoids Fight with Migos
After the BET Awards last night, Chris Brown’s people got into a fight with Migos. I guess they crossed paths at an after party, and someone in Chris’ camp pushed Quavo… so they got into a fight but Chris kept walking… and then Migos and some of their camp followed Chris to his car and surrounded him. TMZ says that Chris left without anyone getting hurt but there were some intense moments. Maybe the kid is growing up.

Johnny Depp’s Advisors Blow his Cover About Dogs
This feud between Johnny Depp and his former managers is pretty fascinating because they’re dropping all sorts of knowledge. Including confirming the rumor that Johnny and his then-wife Amber Heard absolutely knew that they were smuggling their dogs into Australia when Johnny was filming down there. Johnny and Amber ended up issuing a super awkward public apology.

North West Celebrates 4th Birthday AGAIN (haha)
North West’s 4th birthday celebrations continue. Not only did she already get a puppy and celebrate at Chuck E Cheese, but Kim threw her a Moana-themed birthday party, complete with the Moana characters showing up to say hi. It was a joint birthday party with her cousin Penelope.

Lady Gaga Celebrates Pride
Lady Gaga celebrated Pride in her hometown of Manhattan during their parade this weekend. The entertainer said this is a time to shine a light on equality. She urged everyone to support one another and recognize the community’s bravery and kindness.

Lil Kim a Person of Interest in Robbery
Lil Kim is a person of interest in a robbery. It’s weird. Basically, she rented this house for the weekend but when they went to check out the house, they didn’t like it and they wanted their money back. But the landlord was like, nope fat chance lady. So they left… but what do you know, a few hours later, masked people with weapons came knocking on the landlord’s door to claim over $20,000…which just so happened to be Lil Kim’s rental fee.

Chance the Rapper Makes History with BET Award
Chance the Rapper became the youngest person ever to receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award at the BET Awards last night. The 24-year-old made headlines this year when he donated $1M to the Chicago public school systems and raised over $2M more for the cause. Michelle Obama event sent him a message of congrats. Past recipients include Al Sharpton and Muhammad Ali.

Louis Tomlinson Gives Honest Interview
Louis Tomlinson gave a brutally honest interview that was released yesterday, talking about how he was never really comfortable as a performer and for a while he wasn’t sure what he contributed to One Direction. Louis was originally against the band breaking up because he didn’t feel comfortable enough being a solo performer – and that losing his mother was very difficult. Louis revealed that he was so close to his mom that, when he lost his virginity, he didn’t tell any of his friends, but he told his mom.

Jamie Foxx Dishes on How Kanye Collab Came to Be
Jamie Foxx explained to Graham Norton how he first came to work with Kanye West – Kanye showed up to his house for a party before he was KANYE WEST – his jaw was broken and Jamie asked him to freestyle. He was really impressed, so they went to Jamie’s studio in his house and laid down a few tracks – Jamie thought the song was kind of dumb so he just went along with it… but he was proven wrong pretty quickly.

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