5 Songs You NEED To Hear From Hey Violet’s ‘From The Outside’

By: Extra Eric

The party isn’t started until Hey Violet arrives.

The group recently released their debut album From The Outside and honestly it’s the pop-punk revival we’ve been waiting for. The group flawlessly bring that classic mid-2000’s punk sound and brings it into 2017.

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The album featured the tracks “Brand New Moves” and “Fuqboi” from their 2016 EP Brand New Moves, as well as the group’s first radio single “Guys My Age” and the new single “Hoodie” (an incredible song.)

The new music on the album will leave you SHOOK! There’s a diverse range of songs that showcases the group’s unique sound — the tracks will get the party started for sure.

Here are 5 tracks off “From The Outside” you need to know:

“Where Have You Been (All My Night)”

“My Consequence”

“All We Ever Wanted”

“Like Lovers Do”

“This Is Me Breaking Up With You” (pop-punk is thriving on this song!)


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