Loren’s LoDown 6/23/17: Jennifer Lawrence to Get Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Seacrest Pushing for Executive Producer Credit
Ryan Seacrest’s deal to host the American Idol reboot has hit a small snag. It’s reportedly not about money – he’s rumored to be making between 10 and 15 million – but he’s apparently asking for an Executive Producer credit and they can’t come to an agreement.

JLaw & Other Celebs Getting Walk of Fame Star
The list of celebrities who are getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was just released. It includes but is not limited to: Steve Irwin, RuPaul, Bernie Mac, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lawrence, Minnie Mouse, Simon Cowell, Carrie Underwood and Harry Connick Jr. Many more were announced.

Oprah Saves Pinkberry Lemon Flavor
If you love the lemon flavor yogurt at Pinkberry and were pissed that it was a seasonal flavor only, be pissed no more. Thanks to Oprah, it’s now back full-time. She tweeted the company when she learned that they had discontinued it. Not only did they decide to bring it back year-round, but they threw her a party to celebrate while they delivered a ton of the yogurt.

Miley Chats About Her Relation to the Earth
Miley Cyrus gave an interview that is piquing a lot of people’s interest. She said she thinks she’s weird, and feels genderless and ageless. She said she’s a spirit soul, not divided by human begin, even animals. She just wants to be nothing.

Mariah Carey a Total Diva on Movie Set
Mariah Carey is getting slammed in the press lately for her diva behavior. She was supposed to have a cameo in the movie The House starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. They cut the scene, because she was horrific to work with. One of the movie’s actors dished that she showed up 3-4 hours late to set, and she refused to do a scene they suggested. He went on to say that she demanded a crane camera to shoot from above her, and that she was “borderline abusive” to the director and crew. The whole thing was a bust, so they cut the scene all together.

JLo in New Movie
Jennifer Lopez is set to produce and star in a new movie called Second Act, about a box store employee who reinvents her life and proves it’s never too late for a second act. JLo said she loves this script because people try to put women asleep at a certain age and she wants to combat that.

Jeff Bauman Boston Marathon Movie Trailer
The trailer for the movie Stronger, about the story of Jeff Bauman who survived the Boston Marathon Bombings, hit yesterday.

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