JD is Mistaken for Dave Chappelle on Twitter
And now for a story coming right out of AMP Radio. The one and only JD, our night host extraordinaire, is getting caught in the middle of a mistaken identity firestorm. On Twitter, he is TheActualJD… but made his name say Dave ChapPALE (because he’s a pale dude). Well, people have been tweeting him how much they love his stand up specials… because they think he’s DAVE CHAPPELLE. It got worse when a radio station in Sacramento accidentally did it… and then THE MAYOR OF WASHINGTON DC TAGGED HIM TOO. BAHAHA. Read all about it here.

Miley Helps Sister Noah Navigate Fame
Miley Cyrus told our buddy Elvis Duran that she’s trying to help her little sister Noah navigate this showbusiness life as best she can. Her big pieces of advice? Turn off your instagram comments, don’t read anything anyone says about you and don’t google yourself.

George Clooney’s Sells Tequila Company for $1B
George Clooney and his business partner just sold their Casamigos Tequila company for a cool ONE BILLION DOLLARS. The two of them are staying with the company too – so they’re gonna bring in even more cash.

Kelly Clarkson Helps Fan Propose
Kelly Clarkson helped a fan propose to his boyfriend the other day during a meet and greet. Apparently Kelly heard about the guy’s plans and was so pumped she arranged for them to take a picture with her … and as they did, the guy got down on one knee. Kelly was so excited for them.

Harry Styles is Single Again
FYI if you’re a Harry Styles fan, you’ll be happy to know that he is single again. He is reportedly no longer dating his food blogger girlfriend. They started seeing each other in May.

Niall Horan: It Would be Weird to Collab with 1D
Uh oh One Direction fans… Niall told ET Canada that while he wouldn’t rule out a collaboration with his old band members…he said right now it would be quite weird. So don’t hold your breath waiting for this reunion!

Ashton Opens Up About Mila, Investing
Ashton Kutcher was on Howard Stern yesterday and dished on a lot of things. First, he said he and Mila originally thought the other was more like a sibling when they were on set at That 70s Show because he used to help her with her homework (she was only 14). He said they hooked up after his divorce from Demi Moore – she had quit smoking and he was smoking… but she missed the smoke, so she asked him to exhale into her mouth and they got closer and closer and – hello! – make out sesh! Then a hookup sesh at his house. Yum. Ashton also talked about how he invests in all these tech companies – he’s made a couple million from his Uber investment, he passed on Snapchat 3 times, and he now has a team that helps him invest so he doesn’t miss things like Snapchat again.

Carlos Santana on “Wild Thoughts”
Some people are pissed about DJ Khaled’s new song with Rihanna Wild Thoughts, where the music is actually a 20-year-old Carlos Santana song. Guess who isn’t pissed? Carlos Santana. He said they kept the groove and the essence of the song intact so he’s cool with it.

Jimmy Fallon Writing Second Book
Jimmy Fallon is coming out with a second children’s book! It’s out October 10th. It’s called Everything is Mama, and it’s an ode to motherhood, told from the baby’s POV.

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