Michael Phelps Set to Race a Shark
Michael Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian, is set to celebrate Discovery Channel’s Shark Week by racing a shark. Yep. The showdown, dubbed the Great Gold vs. Great White, is set to air July 23rd.

Bachelor in Paradise Films Again
After being shut down about a week ago for alleged sexual assault allegations, Bachelor in Paradise is set to resume filming. Their internal investigation concluded there was no sexual assault, tho the lawyer for the woman at the center of the accusations said they’ll keep conducting their own investigation. The show will premiere later this summer.

OJ Simpson Could be Paroled in October
OJ Simpson could be paroled by October, if everything goes well for him in court next month. He’s set to have a parole hearing on July 20th for the 33-year sentence he’s currently serving. He went to jail in 2008 for burglary and kidnapping.

Kim K & Kanye Grab Surrogate for Baby #3
This is nice news for the couple. TMZ is reporting that Kim and Kanye have come to an agreement with a surrogate to have a third baby. She’ll reportedly get $45,000 to carry the baby and there are other ways she will make money, for example if she carries multiple kids. The surrogate has a lot of guidelines to follow of course like no hair dye or raw fish. Kim and Kanye also reportedly paid the agency $68k to make this happen. Not an easy thing, surrogacy. PS, she was on the View yesterday and explained that her relationship with Kanye works well because they started out as friends. Which is the first time in my life where I’ll say… I totally can relate to Kim Kardashian.

Rihanna Snags Chappelle & Kendrick for Charity
Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball is set to be pretty baller this September. Dave Chappelle will be hosting, and Kendrick Lamar with be performing. She founded the charity in 2012 in honor of her grandparents, and it promotes education and the arts all around the world.

Wonder Woman Two on its Way
Fresh off the heels of Wonder Woman’s success at the box office, director Patty Jenkins is hard at work developing another script for a sequel. It was confirmed by people within Warner Brothers who oversee the DC film universe. The movie has earned over $573M worldwide since its release on June 2nd.

Foo Fighters Announce New Album
The Foo Fighters announced a new album and tour yesterday. The album is called Concrete and Gold, and it’ll be out September 15th. They also announced a self-curated music festival in California in October with bands like Queens of the Stoneage and Cage the Elephant. The Foo Fighters also mentioned that they’re working with the biggest pop star as a special guest on this upcoming record but wouldn’t say who.

Simon Cowell Releases Charity Single
Simon Cowell has released his collaborative charity single benefitting the victims of the London apartment fire that happened last week. Singers like Robbie Williams, Jessie J and Liam Payne got together to remake Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Trouble Water.

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