By: Extra Eric

I’m sorry my dear, but you are up for elimination!

Okay RuPaul’s Drag Race fans — have you ever wondered where the iconic “lip sync for your life” ending came from? Well now we have our answer!

According to Logo / New Now Next, executive producer Tom Campbell revealed that the segment came from an old World Of Wonder show…¡Viva Hollywood!

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“The innovation on ¡Viva Hollywood! was that the bottom two contestants of the week had to speak to the judges and plead for their lives, and then we’d take them away and they would both shoot a telenovela death scene in Spanish…They would be fighting, they’d hit each other at the top of the stairs, and then they would both roll down the stairs and they would both be dead, with the camera above their head…and then one would gasp and come alive.”

The producers wanted something like that for Drag Race and it came pretty easily. “In the room with Ru, we said it needed an ending like ¡Viva Hollywood! And what do drag queens do? They lip-sync. And we gasped and said, ‘They don’t just lip-synch. They lip-synch for their lives.’ And it was just crazy from there.”

There you have it squirrel friends. Do you have a favorite lip-sync from the show?


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