By Rami Abou-Sabe

We sat down with Dillon Francis Sunday night (June 18), prior to his headlining set at the four-day Firefly music fest. The DJ/producer opened up about his latest collaboration with rapper G-Eazy, and what his hardcore fans had to say about the project.

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“It actually took a year and a half I think, just because we had the worst schedules ever,” Francis revealed about “Say Less,” the G-Eazy banger. “We didn’t even work on the song… we just kept asking each other, ‘Hey, you wanna work?’ – ‘Oh yeah, well I’m touring now so I can’t.'” After nearly 18 months of back and forth, Francis and G-Eazy locked down time at the studio in early 2017.

Francis traveled to the up-and-coming rapper’s studio and brought a few tracks he had been working on. When Dillon played an early instrumental version of what would eventually become “Say Less,” G-Eazy immediately jumped on the beat. “Here, I got it. Let’s go!” the MC announced excitedly, knowing the unlikely duo a hit on their hands.

Despite months of planning, the actual song came together in a matter of hours. “Immediately [G-Eazy] got into the booth, wrote the first hook and verse, and then did the ‘Say less’ thing,” Francis said. “And that’s what the song is!” Francis credits the rapid recording session as a product of the two musician’s passion. “That’s how much we wanted to make a song, it just worked that night so well.”

Released in April, “Say Less” has already enjoyed four weeks of success on Billboard‘s Hot Dance/Electronic chart, and is quickly becoming a festival staple, but Francis was initially worried about the reaction from hardcore fans. “Being a person that comes from making undergoing music, you get a lot of flak from people that love underground music and want it to stay there,” he said. “If you work with a person that’s in the limelight of any sort they get angry. So a lot of my fan base has been really good about not getting angry about it, which makes me very happy.”


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