‘Would You Rather?’ With Dillon Francis

By Rami Abou-Sabe

We caught up with Dillon Francis just before the amiable DJ took the stage to close out Firefly music festival. Wrapping up four days of music in the sweltering Delaware heat, Francis delivered an energetic, body-moving set chock full of his classic hits.

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The skilled producer burst on the scene with the rise of niche genres like Moombahton and Trap in the early 2010’s, but has shown an impressive knack for staying relevant in recent years. Francis’ latest track, a rollicking banger featuring rapper G-Eazy, has been steadily climbing the charts and continues to get airplay.

“Being a person that comes from making undergoing music, you get a lot of flak from people that love underground music and want it to stay there,” he explained about the reaction to “Say Less.” “And if you work with a person that’s in the limelight of any sort they get angry. So a lot of my fan base has been really good about not getting angry about it, which makes me very happy.”

Here at 103.3 AMP Radio, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. And since Dillon enjoys a good laugh, we figured we would have some fun with the remainder of our interview.

Read on for a wild game of “Would you rather?” with Dillon Francis:

Voldemort vs. Sauron

Who would you rather collaborate with, Voldemort or the Dark Lord Sauron?
Voldemort. I don’t want to collaborate with just an eye. I feel like it’s gonna be way hard. It just feels too hard, too big… Voldemort’s my size, right? He’s probably 5’11″…

But he has some pretty intense powers.

Yeah yeah, but that’s good. I think that’s gonna be good for our music. Sauron just keeps trying to find that ring, and I feel like our song would end up turning into a song about a ring. And that’s already been done – “Single Ladies,” you know?

Give Up Music vs. Gentleman’s Duel

Would you rather give up music or duel Aaron Burr?
I would fight Aaron Burr! Because he would probably try to fight me properly, and I would do the conniving shit. We’d be like, “On the count of three we’re gonna shoot each other.”

And then you turn around on two?

No, on one! Right at one when he starts counting, I’m like, “Yeah dude, you’re dead – sorry.”

Pickles vs. Kevin Jonas

Final question: Would you rather eat nothing but pickles for the rest of your life, or only listen to Kevin Jonas‘ solo music?

I don’t even know what Kevin Jonas’ solo music sounds like. And I’m gonna be honest, I’m assuming that because I don’t know what it sounds like, it’s gotta be something not of interest or value to people… Because Joe and Nick are doing so well, and Kevin – he got married. But oh man… I do love pickles.

But could you eat nothing but pickles? Can you make three meals a day out of pickles?

No. No, you cant.

You could fry pickles though.

You could, but you’d get so fat… I feel like I gotta go with Kevin Jonas. Food’s such an integral part of life. And just to eat pickles for the rest of your life?

You’d get sick of pickles pretty quickly.

Yeah, I’m gonna go with Kevin Jonas.

I’m kinda surprised by that answer, but I appreciate the honesty.

Well there’s two things you can do with pickles; fry them and not fry them. I don’t know what else.

Anyways – Kevin, if you’re ready, I think I’m gonna add to your streams a lot!

Editor’s Note: It turns out that Kevin Jonas doesn’t actually have any solo music. So, sorry Dillon, but you’re stuck with the pickles.


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