Mark Wahlberg Organizes Wannabe Revival
Mark Wahlberg was doing press in the same place that the Spice Girls filmed the Wannabe video years ago… so Mark got some the journalists there to get up and re-enact the video. Mark was the director, of course.

He also noted during his press tour – this time to Graham Norton – that this would be his last Transformers movie.

Chance the Rapper Brings ASL Interpreters on Tour
Chance the Rapper is trying to make his concert experience for his deaf audience as amazing as possible. For the last few stops on his Be Encouraged tour, he is bringing an ASL interpreter with him. He teamed up with a company called DEAFinitely Dope and they’ve been providing sign language for his shows.

Cars 3 Wins the Box Office
Cars 3 won the box office this weekend, opening to $53.5M. Wonder Woman came in second with just under $41M and the Tupac movie All Eyez on Me came in third with just over $27M.

Jay Z Releasing New Music June 30th
Looks like Jay Z is set to release new music on June 30th. The announcement came via a video released in partnership by both Sprint & Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal.

The BeyHive is PISSED.
After much speculation, Beyonce’s twins have indeed arrived. Rumors are that it’s a boy and a girl. Beyonce and the twins are reportedly still in the hospital. Beyonce’s dad was the family member who confirmed the twins’ arrival… and a lot of the Beyhive was upset with him for stealing her thunder.

Ariana Grande Offering Free Tix to Manchester Victims?
Not sure if this is true or not, but Ariana Grande is reportedly giving all of the survivors of the Manchester attacks, as well as the families of the victims, free tickets for life. It will include VIP seating and backstage passes. While of course this isn’t meant to bring back those who lost their lives, she just reportedly wants to be as supportive of the families as she can.

John Mayer Holds Berklee Masterclass
John Mayer held a masterclass at Berklee on Friday while he was in town for his Grateful Dead performances at Fenway. The class was held in front of 500 kids, while 6 lucky students got the opportunity to perform their songs for him and get real-time feedback. John said he would much rather teach songwriting than do American Idol – and it brings him joy because the kids remind him of himself and can relate to the hope the kids have. John himself went to Berklee for two semesters in 1997.

North West & Penelope Disick Get Matching Dogs
It’s good to be North West and Penelope Disick (her cousin, Kourtney’s kid). Kim bought the girls matching pomeranian puppies. Yup. There ya go.

Hanson Hates on Bieber
Remember the Hanson Brothers? And their horrific but catchy song MmmBop from 20 years ago? Apparently they’re not fans of Justin Bieber. They were doing an interview, and said “I prefer not to get any venereal diseases so whenever Justin Bieber gets near me or near my ears … it’s just ear infections, they’re terrible.” They joked that you could get Chlamydia of the ear. (But like… they had ONE hit song… and Bieber’s had like…a hundred million bajillian katrillian. So… STFU)

Seth Rogen Blocked by Rob Schneider??
And further more in the Bizarre celebrity feud file… this is so weird… Seth Rogen realized that comedian Rob Schneider had blocked him on twitter… so Seth called him out on it. Rob joked that he would unblock Seth if he could get him to meet James Franco… and it looks like Seth didn’t respond but Rob unblocked him anyway, urging Seth to be on his best behavior. SO STRANGE.

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