By: Extra Eric

Are you ready to die?

After being teased months prior, fans finally received the grapes when Terror Jr dropped their second album Bop City 2: TerroRising last Friday. Before the album dropped the mysterious group had dropped three singles: “Caramel,” “Death Wish,” and “Appreciation.”

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As expected, the album lives up to its title by being chock-full of BOPS. The music has much more of a Pop influence on it this time around.

It’s interesting the group said on Twitter that their track “Trippin'” would have made it onto this album — if the sample the track features were cleared — because it doesn’t fit the sound of this album at all…it’s better suited on Bop City.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard the first 3 singles — WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! If so, here are 5 songs from Bop City 2:TerroRising that you need to listen to.


“Terrible” (my favorite)





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