By: Extra Eric

This new phone can’t come soon enough!

According to Mashable, we’re getting a first look at what the new iPhone is going to look like. Some leaks have been stating that “the iPhone 8’s display will stretch from corner to corner with a cutout for the earpiece, FaceTime camera, and other sensors.”

Here’s how the new models are allegedly supposed to look:

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A big thing with the new model is that is might be returning to the glass frame. “Apple will reportedly ditch the aluminum design it’s used since the iPhone 6 and return to a ‘glass sandwich’ design last seen on the iPhone 4S, with glass on the backside to allow wireless charging and stainless steel for the frame.” I already broke it tbh.

Its also important to note the camera lenses and flash could be vertical, not horizontal on the back panel. These leaks could be fake, but no one knows. Info usually starts leaking around this time before the new models come out.

It seems like fans have a lot to get excited about!


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