By: Extra Eric

Come on Biebs…

Justin Bieber was performing at the 2017 Summerburst Festival in Stockholm, Sweden when he encountered a tough situation. Fans all around him were requesting him to sing the summer smash anthem “Despacito” but he couldn’t because he doesn’t know the words…so one enraged fan threw a bottle at him!

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Recently he was video taped in a club singing “doritos” and butchering the rest of the lyrics. It’s such a catchy song and he only sings the chorus in Spanish…maybe that’s the reason he couldn’t perform the song.

But come on — it’s such a hit everyone’s going to want to hear it. We’ll take just the chorus with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on a backtrack. Hopefully he can learn the words before he comes to Gillette for his Purpose Tour in August!

You cannot stop listening to this song it is too good.


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