Jerry Seinfeld Opens Up about “Dissing” Kesha
Jerry Seinfeld opened up about denying Kesha a hug on the red carpet, saying that it’s a little abnormal to meet someone for the first time and hug them — he has to know them first. He also said that the two made nice off camera after the awkward exchange and said Kesha was really nice about it and the two laughed.

Dave Chappelle Donates to Flint, MI
The night of the Oscars, Dave Chappelle was supposed to do a Flint, Michican benefit show but got an invite to the Oscars so he went there instead. Well, on Wednesday he performed a show in Flint and donated all of the proceeds – $50,000 – to help the kids affected by the water crises.

Harry Styles Creates 2018 Tour
Harry Styles’ tour has become so popular that he has added a 2018 tour to his itinerary. He’ll be swinging by Boston in a little over a year – June 18th, to be exact. Tickets go on sale Friday June 16th.

Taylor Swift Brings Music Back to Streaming
Taylor Swift has suddenly made her entire music catalogue available to streaming services, seemingly for her fans, but critics and the media are quick to point out that she released the music the exact same moment that Katy Perry released her new album. She and Katy have feuded for years.

Katy Perry Dishes on T.Swift Feud
Katy’s album Witness is out! Katy Perry opened up about why she finally decided to talk about her feud with Taylor Swift, saying that while she wishes she could let things go, she’s also not a pushover. Katy also accused Taylor of assassinating her character. BTW, Katy’s live streaming in her house from now until Monday. She said she’ll be answering fan questions every morning if you feel so inclined.

Melissa McCarthy Making Christmas Movie
Melissa McCarthy and her husband are working on a Christmas movie for us to enjoy. The film will be about Santa Claus going missing and his wife, Margie, having to put together a rescue team and leave the North Pole for the first time in decades to rescue Santa. Melissa is set to star in the film called Margie Claus, and it will be out November 15th of 2019.

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