Kesha Fans are Mad at Jerry Seinfeld
Some fans are coming to the defense of Kesha after she was snubbed by Jerry Seinfeld on the red carpet. One tweet in particular read “Show respect to Kesha or else your career will be ruined! When you hug her you get accepted into heaven.”

Ariana Grande Resumes Tour
Ariana Grande continued her tour last night just weeks after the Manchester attacks that took place at her concert.

Mark Wahlberg’s Son Dropped F Bombs at Super Bowl (BAHAHA)
Mark Wahlberg was on Ellen yesterday and revealed that his 8-year-old son was dropping F Bombs during the Super Bowl because he was so nervous and is such a big fan. HAHAHA

Demi Lovato Rocks Paramore’s Misery Business
Demi Lovato was at Emo Night the other night at some club and she was DJing… but the sound cut out so she just kept singing with the crowd and it was absolutely amazing.

Timberlake is Pissed, but Making New Music
Looks like we might be getting new music from Justin Timberlake soon. He tweeted “Studio Rule #1: If the artist plays their music and you are on your phone looking at your social media… Chances are, you’re an A-H.” (HAHAHA)

Calvin Haris Offering Free Album, Sorta
Calvin Harris has announced that if you’re going to go see him in Vegas, you’re going to get a free copy of his album. Just go to to buy tickets.

Selena Gomez Explains Hospital Band in Video
Selena Gomez spoke to MTV about her video for Bad Liar, and explained why she chose to keep her hospital bracelet on once she met with the video’s director. For some odd reason, I can’t embed the video so watch it here. She explains around :30.

Katy Perry Sings Firework with 7 Year Old Interviewer
Katy Perry got interviewed by a 7 year old girl, and it was adorable. At the end, the two sang Firework together.

Sam Hunt Flew to Hawaii 7 Times to Win Wife Back
If you’re a Sam Hunt fan – he’s a country dude who is super hot – you are going to swoon. He’s married now, but he and his wife had broken up before they got engaged. To win her back, he said he flew all the way to Hawaii SEVEN times last summer to convince her to take him back.

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