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Selena Gomez Chats About Supporting the Weeknd
Selena Gomez was on the Morning Mashup and chatted about her buddy Taylor Swift’s new romance, saying that she’s happy her friends are happy. Selena mentioned that she loves going to the Weeknd’s concerts, throwing her hair up in a bun and dancing the night way to support him from the crowd… and, she mentioned that her ex Justin did a great job at the One Love Manchester show this weekend.

Leo DiCaprio Shows Up to Beauty & the Beast Performance
So cute — Leonardo DiCaprio showed up to Tobey Maguire’s daughter’s play this weekend. She was in a rendition of Beauty and the Beast, and he swung by to check out the show.

Joan Rivers Starring in PETA Campaign
Joan Rivers is starring in a new PETA campaign for dog adoption, nearly three years after her passing. Her daughter supplied the photo for the organization, and the tag line reads “A study says owning a dog makes you 10 years younger. My first thought was to adopt two more, but I don’t want to go through menopause again.”

Selena Gomez Explains Transparency with Fans
Selena Gomez chatted with our friend Elvis Duran about how she’s surrounding herself with some great people now – and if anyone asked her to go on a diet, she would fire them in a second. Selena also revealed that she feels powerful by being vulnerable – and that’s why she told her fans that she went away to rehab for 90 days. She said “I can’t sit there and pretend everything is good because I’ve done that for years, and it doesn’t really work for me.”

Beauty & the Beast on DVD
Beauty and the Beast is already on DVD. Yes, the live-action remake is all set for you bring it home.

Bieber Plays Hockey, Donates Stick
Justin Bieber joined in on a hockey game yesterday morning before he left Manchester. He played with the pro team and gave them his stick when he was done playing. They’ll auction it off for charity – just like they did with his jersey that he donated last year which raised a few thousand pounds.

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