Loren’s LoDown Mon 6/5/17: One Love Manchester Recap

One Love Manchester Recap
Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert raised over $12M for the cause. During the show alone, over $2.5M donations came flooding in (some reports say $3M). She thanked fans for coming out and explained that they originally had a whole different show planned for the evening, but she met up with one of the victim’s moms who inspired her to change all that – the woman said her daughter would’ve just wanted to have heard the hits. Ariana closed the show with a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, where she fought back tears the whole time.

Even Piers Morgan had a change of heart about Ariana. After Piers Morgan criticized Ariana Grande for leaving the UK and heading back to the states after her bombing, he has apologized. Piers tweeted “I misjudged you, and I apologize. You’re an admirable young woman, and this is a magnificent night.”

Bieber had a great moment at the show last night:

And Katy Perry was wearing a dress made of pictures of the victims.

Wonder Woman Slays Box Office, Sets Records
Wonder Woman opened with $100.5M this weekend, giving director Patty Jenkins the record for the biggest opening weekend for a female director. Wonder Woman is also the highest-grossing female-led comic book superhero movie of all time.

Beyonce’s Mom Gives her Grandkids Loud Toys as Payback
Beyonce’s mom came clean and admitted that she likes to spoil her grandkids with noisy toys to get back at her kids for how annoying their toys were growing up. Ha!

Katy Perry Invites Fans to Show in France
Katy Perry was in France over the weekend to do an appearance on a talk show… and on her way over, she ran into some fans. She got out of the car and took selfies with them, and actually invited four of them to come to the show with her.

Kanye West Wants to Design HS Athletic Wear
Kanye West has reportedly made an offer to Calabasas High School in California to donate a ton of money to their athletic program and provide uniforms, in exchange for renaming them from the Coyotes to the Wolves (which is the name of one of his songs) and changing their school colors. Apparently some of the basketball and football players that come from that HS have become pretty high-profile, and they already have a deal with Adidas which is what Kanye has a deal with… so it makes sense that Kanye wants to align himself with that school.

Katie Holmes Enrolling at Harvard
Keep your eyes peeled for Katie Holmes and presumably her daughter Suri – Katie has enrolled in a Harvard Business School class … the same one that Shakira’s husband is enrolled in.

T.Swift Buying House Near Boyfriend?
Taylor Swift was spotted with her boyfriend Joe in Nashville. They were having coffee and she was showing him around town. Meanwhile, she’s reportedly already looking into buying a house in London near her him. They’ve been dating 8 months, and I guess this is what you do when you’re famous. She was checking out a place in a really exclusive area near where Pippa Middleton lives.

Charlie Sheen has a New Girlfriend
Charlie Sheen has a new girlfriend – and the two have been secretly dating for three months. She’s a model who used to nanny for his 8-year-old twins. His ex wife is actually the one who introduced them (does she hate the nanny?). She’s 26, he’s 51.

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