By: Extra Eric

There was one seat left open in Wendy Williams’ audience today.

During the Wendy show today, the famous host explained to her viewers that there was one seat left open in the crowd — and for good reason. 29-year-old Martyn Hett, who died during the Manchester Bombing last week, had booked a trip to NYC to see the Wendy show.

“You remember the Manchester Bombing from last week. There were 22 people killed, one of those people was a 29-year-old Wendy watcher by the name of Martyn Hett. Martyn, oh my god this is so crazy, he was supposed to be in our Wendy audience yesterday and today.”

She went on to say that, “He saved for 2 years to have a fabulous time in New York and come to our show. He called it a ‘trip of a lifetime’ on his social media and he was really popular on Twitter and he had his own pop culture website and he’s remembered as a man who loved life, like all my people, with passion, courage and laughter.”

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Wendy spoke with his best girlfriend in London and told her that she would honor him during the show and she said “he would love this.”


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