By: Extra Eric

Selena Gomez called into The TJ Show and dished all things on new music, The Weekend, and Instagram!

During the interview, Loren Raye asked Selena if she has to talk to her mom to leave things off of social media because her mother recently commented on Instagram approving of her daughter’s relationship. We all know how parents can be on social media…

“100% I’m like mom I don’t think you understand” the “Bad Liar” singer revealed detailing about how proud her mother is. The best part is that her aunt actually gets in on this too!

“My aunt actually posts the worst pictures of me all the time. I’m glad that one hasn’t been exposed yet, but I’m sure someone will find it” she spilled. Now that she’s said it her fans are going to be on the hunt for it!

In the end Selena thinks it’s “endearing,” but that’s what you have to deal with when you’re the most followed person on Instagram!

Check out the full interview above and this snippet talking about The Weekend below:


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