Zuckerberg in New England for Commencement
Mark Zuckerberg is giving the commencement speech at Harvard tomorrow, and he’s been spotted in Maine, Newport and Providence with his wife. They also swung by her alma mater, Quincy high school, before arriving in Harvard Square at Pinnochio’s. Zuckerberg Facebook Live’d himself from his old dorm. It was the first time at his dorm since dropping out 14 years ago.

James Corden Signs Deal with Snapchat
James Corden has just signed a deal with Snapchat’s Discover Platform to do a fictional reality show about him searching for his successor. It’s called Next James Corden and it will premiere on Snapchat this fall.

Colbert Beats Fallon
Good news for Stephen Colbert. Just two years after landing on CBS’s late night lineup, the Late Show will end the season as the highest-rated late night program. It has edged out Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show by 22,000 viewers. The standard September to May interval ends on Friday.

Selena Gomez Collaborating with the Weeknd?
Rumors are swirling that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are collaborating on a new song, called In Her Element. Nicki Minaj and Julia Michaels might be on the track too – they’re listed as co-writers.

Drake Keeps in Billboard Hot 100 for 8 Years Straight
Pretty cool news for Drake — he is the first artist to remain on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight years completely uninterrupted. His first song was in 2009 — Best I Ever Had.

Katy Perry Chats about Idol
Katy Perry told our friends Cubby and Carolina that she’s proud to be getting paid $25M for Idol, which is more than the dudes have gotten in the past. Katy said she plans to be a constructive criticism judge and she’s actually been in contract negotiations with Idol for years but it hasn’t been the right time until now.

Nicki Minaj Chats Celibacy on Ellen
Nicki Minaj was on Ellen and chatted about dating Nas… and said that while they have had sleepovers, she is celibate.

Harry Styles Selling $8.5M Home
If you’re a Harry Styles fan and have an extra $8 and a half million dollars to spend, by all means. It’s a 14-room house with a patio and a home theater.

Beyonce Security Doing Test Runs to Hospital
According to InTouch, as Beyonce gets closer and closer to delivering her twins, her security team keeps doing trial runs to the hospital during different times of the day to figure out how to avoid traffic. Apparently she had considered taking a helicopter but decided against it.

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