Loren’s LoDown 5/22/17: Drake Breaks Adele’s BBMAs Record

The Rock Announces Presidential Run (Ha)
The Rock hosted SNL’s season finale and announced in his monologue that he is indeed running for the President of the US… sorta. BTW… this was the most-watch SNL season finale in six years.

Mariah Carey Spotted Kissing Ex Boyfriend
Mariah Carey sure knows how to keep people talking… she was spotted out on Friday night with her ex boyfriend backup dancer… and yes, they were spotted kissing.

Billy Bush Breaks Silence on Trump
Billy Bush has broken his silence about the tape that got him fired from NBC, admitting that he didn’t have the strength of character to change the conversation with Trump. He refutes the President’s claim that it was just locker room talk, noted that Trump hasn’t contacted him since the tapes were released and has no interest in interviewing him again bc it would be a spectacle.

Drake Sets Billboard Award Wins Record
Drake won 13 times at the Billboard Music Awards last night… which means he broke Adele’s record for most trophies in one night. Cher and Celine Dion’s performances are still making headlines – Cher performed half naked with pasties and oh man did she look amazing at 71 years old… and Celine performed My Heart Will Go On for the 20th anniversary of the Titanic movie.

Meanwhile… some dude in Florida is suing James Cameron, claiming that he ripped off his life story and used it as Jack’s character in the story. He also claims that the depiction of the Titanic sinking was not based upon history… but upon stories he told friends about his two relatives who were on board.

Katy Perry Dishes on Swish Swish
Jimmy Fallon had Katy Perry on his show Friday and cut right to the chase, asking Katy if her song Swish Swish is about her reported nemesis, Taylor Swift. Spoiler alert, duh.

Harry Styles Covers Landslide
There’s a famous song called Landslide by a band that your mom likes called Fleetwood Mac… and Harry Styles did a beautiful cover of it, with the original singer Stevie Knicks, during his show in LA over the weekend.

Julian Edelman Makes Kids’ Dreams Come True
Julian Edelman made some kids’ dreams come true this weekend thanks to Make A Wish. Julian hung out with three kids and gave them a VIP tour of the stadium and ended the day playing Madden and did a Super Bowl 49 rematch.

Andy Cohen Likes TB12’s Ass (I Love Andy)
TMZ was asking Andy Cohen from BRAVO some annoying questions while out and about in Hollywood – and asked him if he thought that Aston Martin was the correct company for Tom Brady to be endorsing… and Andy had a great response.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed over the weekend that not only will there be another Terminator movie… but he will be in it. It will be directed once again by James Cameron.

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