Terror Jr’s “Death Wish” Is Your Summer Bop Wish

By: Extra Eric

Are you ready to die?

Terror Jr dropped their second single off Bop City 2 today and the grapes are deadly. “Death Wish” plays off the classic ‘Romeo & Juliet’ tragic love motif with the lyrics bouncing off an unmistakably Terror Jr beat. Check out the grapes:

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With a week to go until Memorial Day Weekend — the official start of summer — this song could not come at a more ideal time. It’s more Pop driven than their prior single from BC2 “Caramel” and it makes for a perfect summer playlist bop.

The group stated that BC2 would sound “lush” and “Death Wish” fits that description flawlessly. This song finds the group talking less s*** than on “Caramel,” but the trio is holding true to their promise of taking their music to the next level from where their first album, Bop City, left off.

Lisa Terror stated she’s “in labor” with BC2 via Twitter — so get ready. Also, the nod to “Sugar” in their promo photos is so perfect.

Do you want a slice?


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