In the clips, Camila makes the most of stormy weather.

By Hayden Wright

Since becoming the Zayn Malik of Fifth Harmony in December, Camila Cabello has made moves to shore up her future as a solo artist. For the most part, that’s involved high-profile collaborations with Cashmere Cat, Pitbull and J Balvin. In the process of gearing up to release her debut album The Hurting, the Healing, The Loving, Camila has dropped three sexy teasers for her first music video.

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In the first, Camila is dancing indoors during a thunderstorm. In another, she’s crouching seductively on the floor. And in the third, she’s peering over the rim of a fancy bathtub.

Some outlets are speculating that the teasers come from the “I Have Questions” video, but in the note she published Saturday, Camila identified that song as the album’s second single. Something—it’s not clear what—will debut on Friday. Let’s just say we have questions too, Ms. Cabello. But we know the answers are coming soon.

Watch the teasers here:


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