This Is E•MO•TION-AL! Carly Rae Jepsen Has Already Recorded 50 Songs For New Album

By: Extra Eric

Okay this news is all that!

According to Breathe Heavy, the Carly Rae Jepsen recently hung out with some fans while doing promo in China. She revealed that “she’s spent time in L.A. and Stockholm making new music, and as of now has more than 50 songs in her arsenal. 50!!!”

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*cue freak out* You can click here to watch the video of her saying this great news. “I actually write a lot when I travel, too. Sometimes on the road with my band buddies. I’m about 50 songs in believe it or not which is crazy.”

Yeah — it sure is. She’s mentioned prior that this album will have a disco influence to it. During an interview with Stereogum last year, she dished more about what her plans were with her music.

“I feel fired up. My dream would be to hopefully get something out at the top of 2017 that I felt right about. But if I didn’t feel right, then I would wait. That’s the one thing … I don’t want to rush.” She also stated two song titles — whether they make the album or not — from collabs with her guitarist were called “Tenderly” and “Sails.”

This new album…or E•MO•TION Side C tbh…can’t come soon enough. Keep listening to this to get your life until then!


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