Jay Z Inks $200k Deal with Live Nation
Jay Z is still going strong. He just inked a 10-year deal with Live Nation… which means that he will be touring through them until he is 57. The deal is worth $200M.

Sia’s Announces New Song
Sia’s got a new song coming out, called To Be Human. It’s going to be included in the upcoming Wonder Woman soundtrack. The movie will come to theaters June 2nd.

Steve Harvey Comments on Leaked Memo
Steve Harvey commented about the letter that he sent out to staffers basically telling them not to bother or talk to him when he’s in the hallway or in the dressing room… and he said he started to feel like he was in prison because he couldn’t walk anywhere without people coming up to him. He doesn’t regret sending the memo. He reportedly skipped the end-of-the-year wrap party with his staff after this came out, by the way.

Kelly Clarkson Signs on to THE VOICE!
Kelly Clarkson is signed on to be a coach on… NOT American Idol. She signed on as a judge for Season 14 of the Voice, which is a big deal because she made headlines earlier this week for rumors that she was joining American Idol. Apparently, she had been trying to coach on the Voice for quite some time but she kept getting pregnant so timing never worked out. And she was in talks with Idol, but was asking for a lot of money. When ABC, on behalf of Idol, said no… the Voice swooped in and met her demands. She’ll be coaching on the Voice the same time that Idol will be back on the air. Simon Cowell revealed that Idol asked him back too – but he turned it down because he’s not interested.

Johnny Depp’s Behavior Out of Control?
Reports are swirling that Johnny Depp’s behavior was so out of control on set while filming Pirates of the Caribbean, that Disney had to hire people basically to follow him around – and inform the rest of the crew as to whether or not they’d be working that day, if Johnny was going to be working that day.

Kim K Robbers Tried Robbing her Before
Pretty interesting the robbery heist that Kim Kardashian was a victim of in Paris back in October wasn’t the first time they tried to rob her. It was recently revealed that they tried to rob her previously but were unable to because she was with Kanye so they called it off.

JK Rowling Pleads with Fans: Don’t Buy Stolen Items
JK Rowling took to twitter today to beg people not to buy a stolen piece of work that she had hand-written. A while back, she had written a prequel to Harry Potter on a small note card. It was auctioned off for charity – and the person who purchased it had it stolen from their home last month. JK basically is pleading with her followers, if they come across it, please don’t buy it.

Bieber Surprises Kids in India
Justin Bieber was performing for the first time in Mumbai, India and he took some time out of his schedule to hang out with kids. He surprised a bunch of underprivileged kids while they were on a school bus.

Selena Gomez Announces New Song
Selena Gomez fans, get ready. Her new single Bad Liar is reportedly coming out next Thursday.

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