By: Extra Eric

Sorry Bey…

According to TMZ, there is a company called Blue Ivy Co. that does not want Beyonce to trademark the “Blue Ivy” name! “Blue Ivy, the company, filed docs to block Bey’s company from getting the trademark. Blue Ivy’s mom filed her application earlier this year to own the name “Blue Ivy Carter” for a slew of products.”

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The company has been around for about 3-years before Blue Ivy was even born, so they do have a point. “Blue Ivy’s owner Veronica Morales points out Jay is on record as saying they have NO intention of actually selling any products … they’re just trying to stop others from doing it.”

This is the company’s second attempt at blocking Queen B…with/without the “Carter” added still hasn’t helped Bey.

Do you think Beyonce should get to trademark the name?


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