Jimmy Kimmel Returns to the Show
Jimmy Kimmel returned to work last night after taking the week off to be with his newborn son. He revealed that Billy is doing well, and thanked everyone for their donations to the Children’s Hospital of LA. Kimmel’s son was born in April with a hole in his heart. He also took a shot at his critics by apologizing for suggesting all children should have health care.

Celine Dion Singing Titanic Song at BBMAs
20 years after its initial debut, Celine Dion is set to sing My Heart Will Go On at the Billboard Music Awards. Celine credits the Titanic theme song in helping to build her career. The BBMAs will take place May 21st in Las Vegas.

Demi Lovato is No Longer with her Boyfriend
A few weeks ago people were noticing that Demi Lovato hadn’t posted any pictures with her MMA fighter boyfriend lately – and E! News confirmed that the two have split up. There’s no bad blood tho – they apparently just realized they weren’t meant to date one another.

Katy Perry Chats About Upcoming Album
Katy Perry talked about her upcoming album, which fans have theorized is called Witness, although Katy hasn’t confirmed. She explained why she has a new sound on the album, saying “I built up Katy Perry and she was so fun. And I still am Katy Perry and I love her so much but, at the core, I’m Katheryn Hudson and I think that’s being revealed as I embrace who I really am.” Katy was also asked if there would be a response to Taylor Swift’s bad blood – and she made it clear, this album is about herself and herself only. No one else.

Kanye Making Music in Wyoming
We can expect some new music from Kanye West soon – or, we hope. He is currently in the mountains of Wyoming working on new music. He was there for two weeks not too long ago, and he’s back there now. Helps to explain why he disconnected from his social media and deleted his accounts.

Harry Styles has a New Girlfriend
Harry Styles has reportedly found himself a new lady. He’s been spending time with a food blogger and model named Tess Ward. She’s already written a book about cooking and she was a journalist for a year and a half before meeting Harry.

Katy Perry’s Mico Teacup Dog in a Commercial
Katy Perry has a cute little micro teacup poodle — and it just snagged its own acting role. Nugget is her name, and she’ll be starring in an upcoming commercial for Citi – Katy will also be involved. It hits May 22nd.

Diddy’s Chef Suing for Wrongful Termination
This is weird. Diddy’s former personal chef is suing him for wrongful termination. Apparently, he used to ask her to make food for him and his guests either during or after their… intimate time. She claims that on one occasion, he was still naked when she brought the food, and he asked her if she liked what she saw – and his buddies showed her their junk too. I guess when she complained, they made it look like she stole one of his watches, and he fired her… and made her sign an agreement which said she wouldn’t sue him… except she never signed it. Ha.

Idol Coming Back, to ABC
It is official. ABC announced it has won the bidding war and will be bringing American Idol back some time next season. TMZ has been suggesting it will be coming back in March. No word on host or judges. Please let it be Brian Dunkleman. Please, I beg.

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