I get it. It’s Star Wars Day. Go learn a better joke! Aaaanyway…

Aaron Hernandez Car Yanked from eBay
Welp, the car I told you about yesterday that Aaron Hernandez allegedly used in the 2012 drive-by shooting he was acquitted for is no longer for sale on eBay. Bidding went above $100,000… and eBay took the auction down because it violated their offensive materials policy.

Chris Rock Admits he was a Bad Husband
Chris Rock opened up to Rolling Stone about his divorce, admitting that he was a bad person for cheating – and thought he could cheat because he was the breadwinner. Chris went on to explain that he stopped bashing his ex during his stand-up routines because he realized it wasn’t fair; she didn’t have a mic to respond.

Leo DiCaprio Gets Sent to Back of Broadway Theater
Even celebs have to sit in the back like us… Leonardo DiCaprio went to a Broadway show but was late… and the director has a policy that prevented Leo from going to his orchestra seats thanks to his tardiness. So he sat in the back with a bunch of people on the balcony who paid less than $60 a ticket. No hard feelings though, because he led the standing ovation.

Ex Nude Model/Porn Star (?) Claims Drake is the Daddy
A former nude model claims that Drake got her pregnant… and he hasn’t flat-out denied that the baby is his… but, his reps said that if it is his baby, he’ll do right by the kid. They also pointed out she has had relationships with other rappers and this isn’t the first time any girl has claimed Drake has gotten her pregnant.

Emma Stone Sends Corsage to Promposal Kid
The kid who prom-posed Emma Stone via a La La Land parody unfortunately wasn’t able to attend with her – she turned him down – but… she didn’t forget about him. Emma sent him a boutonniere and matching corsage for his date, along with a handwritten note wishing them a great evening at prom.

Katy Perry & JLo Coming to Carpool Karaoke
Katy Perry will be the guest for James Corden’s primetime Carpool Karaoke special airing May 22nd. Jennifer Lopez will also be on the show, dancing in a toddlerography segment. James’ 2016 primetime special won an Emmy for outstanding variety special.

Ed Sheeran Performs Private Show for Girl
Ed Sheeran did a private performance for a cute 10-year-old fan who suffers from Rett Syndrome. He invited her to his show… but she couldn’t risk catching germs from other people in the crowd… so Ed said, no worries — come to my sound check. How amazing. He’s met her before, too, and kept in touch.

Miley Gives Up Drugs & Alcohol, Welcomes Country
Miley Cyrus is dropping a new single Malibu next Friday. She revealed to Billboard magazine that she has given up drinking and drugs to better herself. She no longer listens to hip hop, and is focusing on being accepted in the country music world.

Amy Schumer Explains Over-Tipping
Amy Schumer explained to Howard Stern yesterday why she likes leaving such big tips for people – she once left a $1,000 tip on a $77 tab. She said she used to waitress, and she knows that if she had received a tip like that it would’ve changed her month, so she tries to pay it forward. And, it makes her feel good – and she hopes those people would then pay it forward.

Liam Neeson Collects on Free Sandwich Offer
Liam Neeson was filming a movie in Canada and a local deli found out he was right around the corner… so they put up a sign that said “Liam Neeson eats here for free” …and sure enough, guess who showed up to collect? Liam Neeson.

SNL Invited Trump Back this Year
Alec Baldwin revealed to Ellen yesterday that he’s unsure how it would go if he ran into President Trump – and that SNL actually asked Trump to come back and host this season but he said no.

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