Ryan Seacrest Joins Live with Kelly

Edelman Gave Game-Winning Gloves to Guy Fieri’s Son
Turns out Julian Edelman gave his Super Bowl catch gloves to Guy Fieri’s son. Guy’s wife is a huge Pats fan and Julian spotted them in the crowd… except the kid didn’t get to keep them for too long – the Football Hall of Fame called and asked for them. So Julian made a trade and the kid now has tons of Pats gear – even though he’s technically a Raiders fan.

Tom Hanks Dishes on Obama/Oprah Vacation
Tom Hanks was on Stephen Colbert’s show on Friday and he dished about his yachting trip with Oprah, Bruce Springsteen and the Obamas.

Bieber Called an Audible About Despacito Remix
Justin Bieber’s remix of Despacito is getting huge response… and it was all Justin’s idea. He was on tour at a club in Colombia when he heard the song come on. He saw the entire club go crazy, so he told his manager that he wanted to remix the song and here we are. Luis Fonsi, whose song it actually is, said he loves that Bieber took it to an anglo-saxon market. So awesome.

Kylie Jenner in Boston
Kylie Jenner was spotted hanging out at Bijou night club with her rumored dude Travis Scott. He had a gig there on Saturday. Earlier in the weekend, they were at Bentley University and spotted on campus by some students.

Sam Smith Music Coming Soon?
We might be hearing new music from Sam Smith pretty soon – he was just spotted on social media working with Timbaland in the studio. He’s been out of the public eye for over a year now.

Selena Gomez Responds to 13 Reasons Why Criticism
Even though it has been wildly acclaimed, Selena Gomez’ Netflix show 13 Reasons Why is definitely receiving a lot of backlash as well, with people saying that it glorifies suicide. Selena Gomez finally commented on the issue, saying that their goal was to stick as close to the book as possible, and it’s not an easy subject to tackle – so criticism is expected.

Chainsmokers Crash Prom
The Chainsmokers crashed a high school prom over the weekend. They were playing a show at an arena in Illinois when they noticed a high school having their prom directly across the street. So they showed up and played a little bit for them.

Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Crashes & Burns
Ja Rule made headlines this weekend when his Fyre Festival got canceled. It was hailed as a luxury concert in the Bahamas, kind of like Coachella but more luxurious and on steroids. It was VERY expensive – like tickets went between $500 and $12k. It was so disorganized that people were stranded and flights were canceled, the acts pulled out of the shows, the luxury tents they were supposed to sleep in were actually disaster relief tents, the food wasn’t as promised – they had cheese on bread with salad and no dressing.

Big Papi Speaks at Commencement
Big Papi gave the commencement at Rhode Island Tech and also was honored with a doctorate. He had some advice for the graduates, telling them that the best thing they can learn now is to get back up when you fall down and just keep moving along.

Dr. Ortiz 👨🏿‍🎓😎 – thx @newenglandtech

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Fate of the Furious Reaches Billion Mark
Fate of the Furious did well again at the box office, crossing the $1B dollar mark. The vast majority of those sales come from international box offices. It’s the 30th movie in box office history to cross the billion dollar mark – and the second movie in the franchise to do so as well.

John Legend Coming to Salem State
John Legend is expected to be at Salem State University tomorrow to accept the first-ever Social Justice Award, given to an individual who the school feels advocates for people who are underrepresented. John is slated to perform and speak to the audience about his work on criminal justice, education and other endeavors.

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