Nick Jokes he Benefitted from Mariah Dating the Billionaire
Nick Cannon was on Wendy WIlliams’ show yesterday and they talked about Mariah’s relationships with the billionaire and the backup dancer. Wendy joked that Nick broke those relationships up… and he made a great joke about it. Nick also said he genuinely just wants his kids and Mariah to be happy.

Gaga Wants you in her Movie
If you’re a Lady Gaga fan and just so happen to be traveling to LA next week, you’re invited to be an extra in her upcoming movie A Star is Born. They’re looking for people to fill a theater and cheer for her performances. Gaga tweeted about the casting call.

Ellen Opens Up About Coming Out
Ellen Degeneres talked to the AP about the 20 year anniversary of her coming out, which she did on her sitcom. After the episode, she – and the cast members, including Oprah who guested on the show – received death threats and there was even a bomb scare. Ellen recalls a time being deeply depressed… and all of her success now is proof that no matter how dark something gets, there’s always a possibility of goodness coming from it. Always.

Emma Watson LOVES Tom Hanks, Duh.
Emma Watson is in a new movie with Tom Hanks called The Circle, and since it was her first time working with him, E! News asked Emma if Tom is as amazing as everyone says he is. She loves him, duh: “He’s so generous and funny and easy-going and he’s all the things you would want him to be. So I’m very happy to be able to report that to you sincerely because it would have broken my heart, I think, if Tom wasn’t Tom.”

Jay Z & Beyonce & Justin Bieber are Super Rich. Duh, Again.
Must be nice to be insanely rich. Justin Bieber just bought himself a pink sapphire grill… like for his teeth… and he dropped $15k. And poor Jay Z and Beyonce… they’re looking for a house in LA and their budget is $80M… and TMZ is reporting that they’re having a really hard time finding a place they like on that budget. Boo hoo.

Kim K Swears She’s Not Materialistic Anymore
Kim Kardashian was on Ellen yesterday and talked about the Paris incident, saying that she’s not materialistic anymore because she learned her lesson. OK.

Harry Styles Announces World Tour
Harry Styles has announced his world tour dates! HURRY. He’s coming to Boston September 30th… and it’s a small, intimate venue! He’ll be at the Wang Theater. Tickets go on sale one week from today.

Selena’s Hair is a Wig FYI
Selena Gomez did NOT chop off her hair! Sorrrrrrry guys. It was just a wig.

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