Emma Watson is my Fake Best Friend
Emma Watson continues to climb higher and higher up my list of celebs I want to be best friends with. She revealed that she needs zero alcohol in her system to get up and start dancing, so long as she hears a good song – and that she loves hip hop, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Same, girl. Same.

Jamie Foxx & Andy Cohen Coming to Fox
Jamie Foxx and Andy Cohen are separately coming to Fox next month. Jamie will be hosting a show called “Beat Shazam” where you try to ID a song faster than the app. Andy Cohen will be reviving Love Connection. Both premiere May 25th.

Dr. Luke Winding Down with SONY
Perhaps due in part to his ongoing legal battle with Kesha, Dr. Luke is no longer CEO of his Kemosabe Record Label, which is a subsidiary of SONY. SONY still has a relationship with Dr. Luke, though it is reportedly winding down. Kesha accused Dr. Luke of emotional and physical assault and has asked to be released from her contract with his record label.

Selena Gomez Chopped her Hair Off

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Drake Named World’s Most Popular Recording Artist
Drake was just named the world’s most popular recording artist, thanks to One Dance being the year’s best-selling single, and his album Views being the third-best-selling album of the year. Beyonce took home best-selling album of the year with Lemonade. Also, it was just confirmed that Drake will host the first-ever NBA Awards this year. The rumor had been out for quite some time. They’ll be broadcast live on TNT June 26th.

Harry Styles Taking Residency with James Corden
In case you missed it, Harry Styles will be doing a little residency with James Corden for four days, beginning May 15th. He’ll be performing a different song from his album every night on the show, which will have just been released three days before.

New Music from Bieber Coming
Bieber is releasing new music on Friday. It’s with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper and Quavo. It’s called I’m the One.

Lady Gaga’s Air BnB Up for Sale
Annnnd that’s how Air BnB does it. The crazy expensive house I told you about yesterday that Lady Gaga stayed in during Coachella… with 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 fire pits and a spa… well it’s on the market now. So, enjoy. It’s only listed for just under $6M. Rumors were going around yesterday that it was worth more than that… so this might be a bargain.

Madonna Unhappy with Movie About her Life
Madonna is responding to the reports that a movie about her rise to fame is in the making. She is clearly unhappy, taking to Instagram to comment: “Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.”

The Voice/Adam Levine Sing for Christina Grimmie

Serena Williams Didn’t Mean to Disclose Pregnancy
Remember I told you a few days ago that Serena Williams is pregnant, and that she announced it on Snapchat? She said she didn’t mean for her post to be public – she did it accidentally. And later that day her publicist confirmed it.

Demi Lovato Broken Up with MMA Boyfriend?
Demi Lovato might’ve broken up with her MMA fighter boyfriend – she apparently took down all of her pictures she had with him.

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