By Rami Abou-Sabe

Originally written by none other than prolific film composer John Williams, “Hedwig’s Theme” is ingrained in the consciousness of anyone under-30. The theme song to the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s incredibly popular Harry Potter series, the song evokes a sense of mystery with a dash of stuffy classicism – a perfect fit for the Potter universe.

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ASADI, an up-and-coming trap producer, has put his dexterous hands all over the remix. Chopping up Williams’ composition on a Native Instruments Maschine, ASADI displays an impressive sense of rhythm and song structure as he reinvents the classic tune. ASADI’s Persian trap debut I’m Coming Home is set to drop Friday (Apr. 28).

The producer shared two more videos of the performance on Instagram, highlighting his incredible finger drumming.

Harry Potter Remix (1)

A post shared by ASADI (@dannyasadi) on

Harry Potter Remix (2)

A post shared by ASADI (@dannyasadi) on


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