Loren’s LoDown 4/21/17: Beyonce Snags Peabody Award

Miley Guests in Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Pretty cool, especially if you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, so get ready — I have a little secret for you. Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is in the movie uncredited. She is reportedly the voice of Mainframe.

Goop Health Summit is Comin’ Atcha
If you’ve got an extra $500 to spare and don’t mind paying for a flight to LA, by all means – go to Gwyneth Paltrow’s “In goop Health” summit. It’s her lifestyle brand’s first health summit, and celebrities in attendance will be Lena Dunham, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie. Tickets range from $500 – $1500 and will include events like meditation, panel discussions, fitness classes and organic beauty offerings.

Billy Bush Begs to be Back on TV
Remember that hilarious, oh so funny video where Billy Bush was caught talking sexist things with President Donald Trump back in the day? And then Billy lost his job? Well Billy posted a really sad video of himself basically begging to get back on TV.

Taylor Swift Writes Essay for Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift wrote a sweet essay about her buddy Ed Sheeran, and revealed that at one point, Ed admitted to her that he didn’t think he would ever be able to win a Grammy. A few weeks later, the two met up and he played her a hook he had just written – for Thinking Out Loud – and that song went on to win Song of the Year at the Grammys. Taylor added “congratulations to my friend Ed, for the legacy you’ve already built and the brilliant hook you probably just came up with 5 minutes ago.” She wrote the essay after Ed was named one of Time’s most influential people.

Beyonce Snags a Peabody Award
Beyonce just snagged herself a Peabody award thanks to her Lemonade visual album that premiered on HBO last year. Peabody Awards honor excellence in TV, Radio and digital broadcasting. The prestigious award is likened to a Pulitzer Prize. The ceremony will air June 2nd on PBS and Fusion.

Amy Schumer Thanks Employee by Buying $2k Bed
This is awesome — Amy Schumer was jogging in Chicago when she really had to go to the bathroom, so she ran into a Mattress Firm and asked to use their bathroom. The employee pointed her to the bathroom but didn’t know it was Amy Schumer… and on Amy’s way out, she asked the employee what her favorite mattress was… and bought it on the spot. She dropped $2k to say thanks for letting her use the bathroom, and gave the mattress to the employee – who just so happened to have moved into a new apartment with her daughter, so it was perfect timing.

Zac Efron Ready to Settle Down
Great news ladies — Zac Efron said that now since he’s approaching his 30s and he sees all of his friends in really solid relationships, he is thinking more about settling down himself. Go for it.

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